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We all know that the Fostech Echo trigger is already an awesome trigger, but would you like a lighter trigger pull?. To do just that, TriggerDepot has developed a Trigger upgrade that greatly improves the trigger pull. There are several other ways to improve the trigger such as adding a bushing, milling the bolt carrier, and polishing several parts, but the improvements are unreliable and negligible at best. This trigger upgrade is by far the most effective, consistent modification to improve the trigger. This upgrade works in both the first and second generation Echo, BUT NOT THE ECHO SPORT.

We are finding the new trigger pull weight to be as follows with the our upgrade:

  • 3 lb semi
  • 5 lb echo initial (first round)
  • 6 lb echo reset (to release 2nd round)

Install instructions can be found here

Note: this upgrade has no affiliation with FOSTECH, Inc. nor has it been approved by FOSTECH, Inc. We are not liable for any damages to your rifle or person and this may void your warranty. Again, This upgrade is in no way approved or endorsed by FOSTECH, Inc. and you are responsible for any liability and all damages. Lastly, you are solely responsible for any damages done during installation. IF you put your trigger back together the wrong way, we are not responsible. “Echo” is a federally registered trademark of FOSTECH, Inc. TriggerdDepot  nor this website are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, FOSTECH, Inc. The use of “Echo” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Echo  aftermarket parts, or accessories, manufactured by

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3 reviews for Echo Trigger Upgrade – Tactical

  1. itdoesntmatterink

    Item arrived timely. package gave me 3lb trigger pull on semi, and 4.5 trigger pull on echo. Much improved! Thank you very much! =)

  2. Paul Fagan (verified owner)

    The change in the trigger weight is significant to say the least! I followed the video instructions and it took me about 5 minutes and that included looking for tape to hold the trigger assembly together. If anyone is looking to get the best out of their echo trigger, this is the answer! Thank you Trigger Depot!

  3. Charles G Hess (verified owner)

    Semi-auto pull is very light after installing this spring. First binary shot was reduced by about a pound, reset went from almost 11 lbs to just over 7. Very happy with the results. Follow the install video from Gator McKlusky on YouTube and you’ll be upgraded in no time!

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