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We all know that the Fostech Echo trigger is already an awesome trigger, but would you like a lighter trigger pull?. To do just that, TriggerDepot has developed a Trigger upgrade that greatly improves the trigger pull. There are several other ways to improve the trigger such as adding a bushing, milling the bolt carrier, and polishing several parts, but the improvements are unreliable and negligible at best. This trigger upgrade is by far the most effective, consistent modification to improve the trigger. This upgrade works in both the first and second generation Echo, BUT NOT THE ECHO SPORT.

We are finding the new trigger pull weight to be as follows with our upgrade:

  • 2 lb semi
  • 4 lb echo initial (first round)
  • 5  lb echo reset (to release 2nd round)

Install instructions can be found here

Note: this upgrade has no affiliation with FOSTECH, Inc. nor has it been approved by FOSTECH, Inc. We are not liable for any damages to your rifle or person and this may void your warranty. Again, This spring is in no way approved or endorsed by FOSTECH, Inc. and you are responsible for any liability and all damages. Lastly, you are solely responsible for any damages done during installation. IF you put your trigger back together the wrong way, we are not responsible. “Echo” is a federally registered trademark of FOSTECH, Inc. TriggerdDepot  nor this website are affiliated in any manner with, or otherwise endorsed by, FOSTECH, Inc. The use of “Echo” on this page is merely to advertise the sale of Echo  aftermarket parts, or accessories, manufactured by

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20 reviews for Echo Trigger Upgrade – 3-Gun

  1. massajamesb

    Springs came in 24 hours after ordering, installed in trigger pack without issue. Used a phillips head screwdriver to align everything. HUGE improvement in trigger pull. Great seller!

  2. getnit1

    Reduced trigger pull to a comfortable level and operates good. Took about 20 minutes to install. Definitely worth it!

  3. kamaleon007

    Trigger pull real lightweight and smooth trigger release, highly recommend.

  4. jjon_j_4dusop

    Just installed this new spring and it makes a huge difference. A must have for the Echo trigger! It gives a nice clean (LITE) break.Just inst

  5. mc3m510

    I have the first gen Echo trigger and it dramatically reduced the trigger pull weight in half! One thing that is to be noted is that, due to the reduced weight of the trigger, it takes additional “training” to perform smooth mag dumps (in Echo) without any pauses in between. The ease of pulling & releasing the trigger faster than the cyclic rate of your rifle is even exaggerated with the new spring. Other than that, the spring has performed flawlessly in safe, semi, and echo. Only time will tell if the spring will hold up. I’ll do a follow up review again.

  6. michaelfoss8

    Perfect. Extremely happy to have this improvement.

  7. eaglerock13

    Cut the trigger pull in half across the board and on semi it made it crisper. Improved my groups on single and double taps.

  8. mach-r1

    Trigger spring definitely reduces triiger pull weight and smooths out the triiger pull. I don’t have a spring scale to check, but it feels a lot smoother and lighter.

  9. mtriangle-4

    Works great. Well worth it.

  10. kirko_2009

    This makes all the diff. Thanks for supply and marketing these!!! will be back.

  11. RyanHF

    Amazing what a difference one little spring makes! Thank you for supplying this must-have upgrade.

  12. guitarfan73

    Makes your Echo I or II pew much nicer, try an H2 buffer, I picked up a spare,TY

  13. tasainesso

    Excellent! Works better than I would have thought. Will buy again.

  14. itsjae21

    A+++++++++++ makes all the difference

  15. ATIII (verified owner)

    Night & Day difference in trigger pull. Makes you wonder what Fostech was thinking sending their trigger out with such a heavy spring. If you’re not sure, Pull The Trigger on this mod!

  16. Nolan (verified owner)

    A wet sponge has a better pull than the stock echo, but this simple $10 upgrade turns a s*** trigger into something nearly as good as my Geissele SD3G.
    Seriously, grab your wallet and get this f***ing spring. I own many triggers and if you own an echo, you’d be stupid not to buy this.

  17. Dan (verified owner)

    Not much of a trigger snob as I usually run GI’s. However when I dropped this in I can see why people will pay big money for a good trigger. The semi setting is almost scary light and also improves echo mode. You can really get this thing going fast. My only complaint is now I need to get a .22 kit because I want to burn too much ammo.

  18. Jay (verified owner)

    Best purchase you could possibly make for your new echo trigger. Amazing what these people have created!

  19. West

    If you don’t order this spring when you order the Fostec trigger you are cheating yourself out of the real deal. It’s amazing what one minor change can do for your AR.

  20. Daniel Schappel (verified owner)

    Measured with Wheeler Manual Trigger Pull Scale. With factory spring. Semi ~5-5.5. First pull echo I forgot but it was about 6.5ish. Release shot 7.75-8.

    With new spring. Semi 3. First pull echo 4.75. Release shot 5.25. I consider it worth it.

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