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Knight’s Armament Aimpoint Micro NVG HIgh Rise Mount is a unique optic mount to integrate with night vision equipment and helmets for Special Operations groups who do most of their work under the cover of darkness.  This KAC mount, also known as the Redback One / Sky Scraper mount, is designed to integrate with RB1’s helmet mounts and allow shooters to keep more of a “head’s up” position over their rifles.

With a clearance of 2.33″ from the top of your rifle’s Picatinny rail, the Micro NVG High Rise Mount clears lights, lasers, and other obstuctive items that can interfere with a clear sight picture.  The addition of a 1913 rail behind the Aimpoint mount allows you to run a magnifier of your choosing such as the offering from Aimpoint of the EOTech G33.

For shooting on the move, maintaining a “head’s up” posture decreases muscular tension in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.  This also frees up your line of sight, so even if you aren’t using NVGs or helmets this mount may help your performance in the shooting sports or tactical training.  For the slight trade-off in weight or QD capability, this mount is optimized for short to mid range shooting where gains in speed prioritizing stability and all allowable points of contact.

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