Echo ARII Trigger Bushing Upgrade V3


  • Reduced trigger travel
  • Faster trigger reset



Meet our new Bushing Upgrade for Echo Triggers! What does it do? The bushing upgrade for Echo ARII Triggers smooths out trigger pull by reducing internal trigger friction and creep. The bushing also slightly reduces overtravel allowing for higher levels of speed and precision. Precision machined from phosphor bronze and then nickel plated for corrosion resistance and enhanced lubricity. It is incredibly important that these are precision machined, and we hold our tolerances to ±0.001 of an inch! This bushing has been VERY carefully designed to maximize effect but not reduce any reliability – OR – increase wear whatsoever. The issue is that the Echo Trigger is very well made and has precise timing between the backup disconnector and the echo disconnector. If the bushing is too large, the backup disconnector releases too early, leaving a situation where there is a risk of hammer follow or damage that can lead to unwanted full-auto fire.  This can happen if you have a bushing that is as little as ±0.005″ too large. Seeing as there are AT LEAST 5 generations of the Echo ARII, we took great care to ensure that our bushing is compatible with all variations of the trigger. Let us make it explicitly clear; this is the only bushing for Echo Triggers on the market that can be considered safe. If you have a bushing that, when installed, you can tell a significant difference, THROW IT AWAY – THAT IS NOT SAFE. The inner workings of the trigger require precision that cannot be obtained with consumer-level tools. Our bushings are held to tolerances of ±0.001″. This is vitally important because as the bushing rolls, you are guaranteed a consistent trigger pull that will be safe no matter what position the bushing is in.


  • Comes with two sizes included, ensuring fitment in your lower. WILL NOT WORK WITH AN ACTUAL M16 LOWER.
  • Constructed from phosphor bronze, precision machined and then nickel-plated to provide long-lasting, consistent performance even in suppressed firearms. 
  • Made in the USA. 
  • **If more than one unit is purchased, then they may be consolidated into the same package**
  • Installation instructions are included, but further instructions can be found HERE


If your safety selector lever looks like the selector below, you will have to file down and polish the selector, so it has a nice, smooth ramp to it. The perfect file for this can be found on Amazon for $8, you can add it to your order here for $5.00, or you can purchase it from us later for $5 (INSERT LINK HERE). If purchased from us, we will also include high-grit sandpaper for polishing. If you are afraid of ruining your selector lever, don’t worry, you can purchase a replacement form directly from Fostech’s website. Full instructions for how to file the safety selector can be found HERE.  


By purchasing this product, you are releasing TriggerDepot from ANY AND ALL liability for any and all of your actions. Further, by installing this product, you are agreeing that you have read and accepted the following:
This product has no affiliation with Fostech Inc., nor has it been approved by Fostech Inc. No liability, expressed or implied, is assumed for damage, injury, or death resulting from improper installation or use/misuse of this product. You assume the risk and all liability for death, injury, loss, and damage to all persons or property caused by use or installation inconsistent with TriggerDepot’s instructions, negligent or intentional use or misuse of the TriggerDepot product, or the firearm in which the Triggerdepot product is installed. You are responsible for knowing your local laws and following said laws. Installation should be performed by a qualified gunsmith. Installation of your TriggerDepot upgrades may void all or part of your manufacturer’s warranty. Triggerdepot products are designed solely for installation and use in the specific firearm in which they are advertised, and it is your responsibility to determine compatibility.


Additional information

Do you need a file? See explanation below.



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