Corbon Pow’RBall 9mm+p 100gr – 20 Round Box


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Glaser PowR’Ball Overview

Finicky feeding pistols are no match for Pow’RBall! Corbon knew they needed to solve this problem by coming up with a round that looks and feeds like hardball ammo, but performs like a reliable hollow-point round. In 2004, Peter Pi, Sr. made bullet history. He believed that if he reshaped the bullet cavity, placed a polymer ball on top and crimped it in place it would solve the problem. The idea was so unique he was awarded a U.S. Patent #6,792,869. The patented Pow’RBall® design enhances feeding in those finicky pistols but it also delays the expansion of the projectile when it hits soft tissue, making it a more controlled expansion bullet. This controlled expansion gives you deeper penetration, better weight retention and more consistent expansion in soft tissue. The lighter weight projectile also reduces recoil and allows faster follow up shots. The Pow’RBall® has evolved into one of the most effective defensive rounds available today for personal protection.

Bullet Anatomy

The Pow’RBall is a gilding metal jacket filled with a lead core that’s shaped into a Patented “V” shape, then capped with a round polymer ball which is crimped and held in place by the copper jacket. During flight, the polymer ball disperses air around the bullet making it more aerodynamic, which improves ballistics.  The ball also enhances feeding in auto pistols.

During impact the polymer ball delays expansion allowing it to penetrate several inches before it is pushed out of the way exposing the lead “V” shape cavity, causing the bullet to fully expand properly.  Another benefit of the polymer ball is that it protects the integrity of the hollow point by not allowing clothing or other material to plug up the hollow point cavity causing it to fail to expand.


  • Caliber: 9mm Luger +P
  • Bullet Wt.: 100gr Glaser PowR’Ball
  • Velocity: 1475fps
  • Energy: 483ftlbs
  • Test Barrel Length: 4.0 Inches
  • 20 rounds per box.

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9mm Luger

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