Bootleg Four Position Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group


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Bootleg Complete Bolt carrier group, Machined from S7 Tool Steel, Lithium Isonite Coating, 4 Setting Adjustable Vent System relieves excess gas pressure created from suppressor use creating longer dwell time and less blowback to the shooter. Gas Adjustment can be turned while installed in the rifle, Uses all standard MIL-SPEC components Staked MIL-SPEC Gas Key, Adjustment Pin is easily removed for cleaning. Full Auto Rated

Carrier Has 4 Settings:

  • Position #1 (U) (No Venting) Unsuppressed with standard ammunition
  • Position #2 (first dot) Unsuppressed with heavy military ammunition
  • Position #3 (second dot) Suppressed with low back pressure suppressor or light commercial ammunition
  • Position #4 (Full Vent) High back pressure suppressor

Every rifle and configuration will have different dynamics. The Bootleg Adjustable Carrier gives the user maximum control to adjust the venting in a way that gives them function and control. A heavily gassed rifle may function on all four setting unsuppressed, but pressure is still being relieved to reduce carrier speed. Having the carrier set to the incorrect setting with your carrier group configuration will induce malfunction, so take the time to find the right setting for your rifle setup.

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