KRISS USA MagEX Extension Kit .45 ACP/9mm/10mm


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The KRISS Mag-Ex Kit 2 is the ultimate capacity extending base plate for your factory standard Glock magazines. The KRISS Mag-Ex Kit 2 is made up of the extended baseplate, outer sleeve, and extended spring, constructed of durable and lightweight reinforced composites. Combining the Mag-Ex Kit 2 with the factory standard Glock magazine body and follower is a perfect match of reliable feeding, toughness, and aesthetics for the KRISS Vector. The Mag-Ex Kit 2 is available in 9mm, 10mm, and .45ACP and designed for standard capacity G17, G20, and G21 magazines for an overall capacity of 40 rounds of 9mm, 33 rounds of 10mm, and 30 rounds of .45ACP for your KRISS Vector, Glock handgun, and your Glock magazine-compatible pistol caliber carbine.

Due to spring tension, hand-loading ammunition into extended capacity magazines becomes increasingly difficult the more you load. We highly recommend the use of a magazine loader such as the UpLULA.

Please Note: You are responsible to know and comply with your state and local magazine capacity laws. A 4% administrative fee will be applied to orders that must be cancelled.
This item cannot be shipped to states with magazine capacity restrictions.
This includes, but is not limited to, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Vermont

9mm40 rounds
10mm33 rounds
.45ACP30 rounds
9mm KitG17 17rd
10mm KitG20/G40 15rd
.45ACP KitG21 13rd

Note: Mag-Ex2 Kit is designed for factory GLOCK full size, standard capacity magazines of the correct model. We do not guarantee fit nor function when using aftermarket magazines or incorrect magazine models. Incompatible with reduced capacity 10rd magazines.

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.45 ACP/Auto, 9mm Luger, 10mm Auto


Black, FDE, Alpine White


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